InformationWhat is it?

The Boston Future 4 is an event that pairs the brightest young minds in advertising with up-and-coming startups in the Boston area. It gives four competing startups an opportunity to enter and win free marketing and branding insight from some of the top minds in the ad industry.




Okay, how does it work?

Virtually any Boston-based startup may enter to be one of the four finalists chosen to compete in the Boston Future 4 event; the four are selected by a committee based on the startup’s size, experience, and innovative significance. These finalists are then given two weeks to create their “pitch”. This pitch can be anything (video, slideshow, interpretive dance) that helps tell the their story, showcases their product, and makes a compelling case as to why the company would flourish with the help of crafty and efficient marketing.

Boston Future 4 culminates in an hour-long event during FutureM – held on Thursday, October 17th at the Hynes Convention Center – in which each startup delivers its pitch to a live audience, as well as a small group of judges comprised of advertising industry veterans.

The startup with the most votes from the judges and audience will win the right to become the IASS client for the spring 2014 program!


TrophyWait… what does the winner get?

While the event itself provides excellent exposure for all the burgeoning businesses, one startup will win the coveted position of being the client for the IAAS spring, 2014 program. This program features the brightest young advertising professionals from all major Boston agencies, and combines them into various teams; each team’s sole objective: build a personalized, smart marketing campaign for the winning startup.

All of the strategic thinking and any creative work from each team will belong to the winner. It’s ostensibly the best advertising ideas Boston has to offer, free to one awesome startup. Yes, free.

Moreover, Boston Future 4 is a sponsored 4A’s event, and partnering with the MITX community––this means free traditional publicity, face time with advertising industry leaders and successful Boston-business owners, and lots n’ lots of social media exposure from various channels. If you seek buzz, you’ll get it. And in all the right places.


BeerWill there be a sweet party afterwards?

Yes. The sweetest. After the competition portion, there will be an awesome shindig at Lir (right across the street from the convention center), in which everyone who participated in the Boston Future 4 event is invited to hang out, network, and have a good time. And did we mention that drinks will be served at this party? That’s right… free insight and booze!



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